DAMY LAURICELLA law office is a multidisciplinary law firm located in the heart of Luxembourg which supports you in Luxembourg as well as in France. The law office offers you legal services that range from consultation to legal representation in many fields.

Our aim is to provide an appropriate and effective solution to your personal situation and to the problem you are encountering.

Our comprehension of your needs, our responsiveness, our expertise and our skills allow us to provide you with a full range of legal services.

Our team can provide you advice and assistance either nationally or internationally, whether you are an individual or a professional.

We promise you dedicated and personalized support that can begin even before litigation.

Each problem has its solution

Ours fields of expertise

Thanks to our experiences, our team is able to represent you in many fields.

  • Family law
  • Bank law
  • Real Estate law
  • Insurance law
  • Labor law
  • Social law
  • Buisness law
  • Bodily injury compensation law
  • Pleasure law
  • Commercial law
  • Litigation
  • Construction law
  • Medical liability
  • Rental lease